COMFORT: It enables you to suitcase-carry your Onewheel, so say goodbye to the dreaded pendulum effect of the built-in nose handle, and no more lifting it to climb stairs. Plus, it just looks cooler!

LESS STRAIN: You wrap your fingers completely around the soft-rubber grip, allowing you use your entire arm rather than carrying the entire weight of the board on your poor fingertips.

ERGONOMIC: Anyone 5'10" or shorter will feel a welcome relief not having to twist their spine in a knot with the "one shoulder up" walk just to keep the end of the board from dragging on the ground.

CONVENIENT: Not tools required! Easily removable, yet stays firmly in place once attached. So ride with it attached, or throw it in your backpack when you're finished carrying your Onewheel.

DURABLE: Made of lightweight aluminum, heavy duty nylon webbing, and Velcro® straps, the SilverHandle is built to last.