What makes the SilverHandle better than those other, less expensive Velcro handles?

  1. SilverHandle is specially designed for the Onewheel, and it looks like it belongs there. You paid good money for your Onewheel, and it deserves a good handle!

  2. The custom-designed laser-cut base plate of the SilverHandle not only looks great, but it keeps the straps from slowly sliding together, like the bargain Velcro handles do.

  3. A one-year warranty. That's right. If anything happens to your SilverHandle that makes it unusable within a calendar year of your purchase, just ship the handle to me (on your dime), and I'll fix it for free and pay to ship it back to you.

  4. Two words: CMAP Technologyâ„¢ That stands for Custom Machined Axel Peg, and it's what really sets the SilverHandle apart from the others. This peg, which was recently upgraded from a piece of cut aluminum tubing to a custom-machined, threaded solid stainless-steel rod (you won't find these in hardware stores) that fits perfectly in the axel hole on the V1 and Onewheel+ (and don't worry about blocking the Hypercore cooling system, that's not how that works), and keeps the whole handle from sliding around on the rail. 
So there you go: The SilverHandle is better because it's built on a light and durable aluminum base, it's easy to attach and easy to remove, it stays locked in place, and it just looks great!