Here's what other SilverHandle owners are saying:

"The handles are unreal. Looks and function both."

— Kevin Souza

"Just ordered another handle for the +. My OG already has one and wow it is nice to be able to suitcase carry when not riding."

— Matt Moses
Owner of Mountain River Guides
(Offering instruction, rentals, and guided Onewheel rides)

"Your handle was a game changer and it’s hard to imagine carrying the board again without one. I even used it to reseat my dislocated shoulder after a fall a few months back."

— Chris Doane

"I've had a couple gnarly spills at speed. Was very surprised after 2 of my board skids, looking at the handle and finding no damage at all. You really did a great job with these."

— Matthew Curtis

"Your work effort is stellar, I felt like I was putting an Apple product on my board. I was blown away at your attention to detail, love my handle."

— Gianfranco Barbalace

"HOLY COW!!! The Onewheel handle is the best invention since sliced bread! Thank you!"

— Abe Brown

"So much easier to lug your OW with these handles!"

— Jon Chernila

"After researching all the other cheaper suggestions provided from the [Onewheel Owners Facebook Group] and deciding I didn't like them, I had to come back and get a 2nd handle from you for my other board because my first SilverHandle is so damn awesome!!"

— Kevin Wu

"It's a solid design... I'm a mechanical engineer so I have a habit looking into details. You have a great design and I like the cut folding tabs for spacing the handle off the board enough to get the rivet heads in. Clever."

— S. Ortega

"[The SilverHandle] makes it way easier for me to carry it up and down the few flights of stairs I have... never coming off!"

— Jason Mellblom

"If anyone is on the fence, get one. The handle is amazingly well made and really makes carrying the OW easier on the arms."

— Nick Appleby

"It's an effective design. Greg deserves a lot of credit for coming up with it. I'm a huge fan of mine. Thanks!"

— Jeffrey Fitzgerald

"I have one and my only regret is I should have bought two (one for each side)!"

— Femi Bamgboye

"The SilverHandle is the best thing I've bought for my Onewheel."

— Eric Steinfeld