• Image of SilverHandle for GT

The GT handle is only available in black

Comfortable rubber grip on an anodized aluminum bracket that attaches securely to the side of your Onewheel with velcro (no tools or drilling required) and provides for easier carrying!

Athough the GT already comes equipped with a pretty nice-looking handle, unless you shell out $70 for the Maghandle Pro, the stock handle to be pretty uncomfortable to use (especially for those with larger hands). That’s why we decided to offer a modified version of the SilverHandle that works with the GT.

WARRANTY: I’m liquidating my inventory and going out of business so I can’t offer any extended warranty, butif you receive a damaged handle, contact me and I’ll see what I can do about replacing it if I have any in stock.

COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with the GT Onewheel. Will not negatively affect the Hypercore system in any way.